Difficult Boss? Talk to Her Former Employees

July 19, 2013

Cperky's Blog

If your boss isn’t a good guide and doesn’t support you, it’s up to you to get what you need. If you can easily get in touch with someone who used to work for your boss, invite him out for coffee. Explain that you’re eager to develop in your role, and that you’d like to pick his brain about working with and learning from your boss.

Pitch it as a tutorial, not as a gripe session: See if he can share insights about her mentoring style, for example, and tips on how to earn her trust.

Even if you feel safe confiding in this person, assume that anything you say could make its way back to your boss and edit yourself accordingly.

Adapted from the HBR Guide to Office Politics.

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Effective Way To Target BTB Customers Using Twitter | Shrushti Blog

July 18, 2013

Effective Way To Target BTB Customers Using Twitter | Shrushti Blog

10 reasons to get excited about the Nokia Lumia 1020 – Nokia Conversations : the official Nokia blog

July 12, 2013

The world’s best camera smartphone, the Nokia Lumia 1020, has arrived, heralding a revolution in smartphone photography. This 41 megapixel marvel is jam packed with amazing technology, which will change the way people take photos forever. So let’s zoom in closer and take a look at the features, which we think will have smartphone lovers jumping for joy.


Government releases revised National Digital Economy Strategy |

June 13, 2013

Government releases revised National Digital Economy Strategy | Business Spectator.

‘Everything at stake’ with NBN, says visionary |

June 13, 2013

‘Everything at stake’ with NBN, says visionary | NBN critical to economic development | Louis Zacharilla.


May 14, 2013

Common Household Chemicals linked to Human Disease and Endocrine Disruptors Review by @mercola

May 10, 2013

May 7, 2013

Managers – polarities the two heads – Free Training.

May 4, 2013

What are the best books for someone who is looking to broaden their management skills and why?

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If fluoride is really the panacea for dental

May 3, 2013

If fluoride is really the panacea for dental disease that it’s been portrayed as, then why is it that the United States is one of the only developed countries that fluoridates their citizens’ drinking water? Hint: It’s not because the other countries aren’t aware of fluoride’s supposed “miracle” powers for your teeth … it’s because they fully realize that adding a known poison to your population’s water supply is probably not a good idea. Even in North America, water fluoridation has come under increasing scrutiny; since 2010, more than 75 US and Canadian communities have voted to end water fluoridation, and the issue is heating up as more and more people begin to demand water that does not expose them to this highly toxic industrial waste product.

via 10 Fluoride Facts You Should Know.