Happy Birthday Alan (e)Libdrone

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More about Alan

My name is Alan. I’m a bear who is Really into books. I write books. I publish books. I advise #indie authors about social media. . I also review books, and work as a freelance writer. I’m all about words. I’m hearing impaired–read pretty near deaf–and while I love music and movies I don’t Do phones, webcams or any other forms of communication that rely on hearing rather than reading what other people have to say.

For me social networking is all about building relationships. I enjoy meeting and getting to know new people and try hard to always reply when people speak to me online, whether on my blog, on Twitter or on Facebook.. I value integrity, honesty and loyalty. If you’re buying me just to sell the moment my dividends dip, PLEASE– don’t buy me. 

You might want to read my Empire Avenue eBook guide– Walking Down The Avenue



10 Responses to “Happy Birthday Alan (e)Libdrone”

  1. Sea Lily Says:

    Happy Birthday!!

  2. abdulrbutt Says:

    Very Happy Birth Day to you Alan 🙂

  3. beeitsolutions Says:

    Happy birthday. With warm regards, Ruud.

  4. ajarndonald Says:

    Wishing Alan a very Happy Birthday. Very nice of you Tom to do this. 🙂

  5. HansjörgLeichsenring (@HLeichsenring) Says:

    Happy Birthday Alan

  6. tru2psutru2psu Says:

    Happ birthday Alan – great job on #definethis

  7. Leia D (@Nurse_Techy) Says:

    Happy Birthday Alan! =) Hope you had a blast on your special day. Love your work on #definethis btw. Carry on..

    P.S. Thanks Tom Laing for creating this greeting collection. =)

  8. Srivatsan (@srivatsan316) Says:

    Happy B’Day Alan

  9. michellegilstrap Says:

    Happy Birthday Alan, sorry I have been so busy lately, I miss your word games. Take care.

  10. derrik.jacobson Says:

    Happy Birthday!

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