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Happy Birthday Alan (e)Libdrone

June 6, 2012

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More about Alan

My name is Alan. I’m a bear who is Really into books. I write books. I publish books. I advise #indie authors about social media. . I also review books, and work as a freelance writer. I’m all about words. I’m hearing impaired–read pretty near deaf–and while I love music and movies I don’t Do phones, webcams or any other forms of communication that rely on hearing rather than reading what other people have to say.

For me social networking is all about building relationships. I enjoy meeting and getting to know new people and try hard to always reply when people speak to me online, whether on my blog, on Twitter or on Facebook.. I value integrity, honesty and loyalty. If you’re buying me just to sell the moment my dividends dip, PLEASE– don’t buy me. 

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